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New paleontology Not-for-Profit formed: Dinosaurs International

Dinosaurs International, a not-for-profit corporation in the public
interest has been formed in New York State.

A scientific, educational organization, its sole purpose is to put on an
annual event currently called International Dinosaur Month.

October 1-31, 1998 wlll be the second annual International Dinosaur

All funds raised will be used to put on this event. Any residual funds
will be distributed appropriately for paleontology, research, and
science education directly related to paleontology. Contributions to the
organization will be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by applicable

Anyone interested in further information about International Dinosaur
Month may consult the Official IDM98 website which is donated and hosted
by the Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette.


The e-mail address is IDM98@Juno.Com.

To receive regular information about IDM98, be sure to send a SEPARATE
eMail to: IDM98@Juno.Com.  (That is to say... direct replies to this
e-mail will not put you on the IDM mail list, okay?)

I'll personally be happy to answer any questions you might have directly
if you want to reply to this e-mail, but, again, this is not the IDM98
address and is only being used because IDM98 is not a member of the
Dinosaur Mailing List.

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