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Re: And the T. Rex bell goes "dung"! and Art Bell does too

National Public Radio (NPR) is also carrying an audio version of this
story today (Thursday 6/18/98) which includes interviews with the
discoverers and with the otherwise mysteriously missing Jack Horner (who
tells an amusing anecdote about what humans would look like if they were
"Brontosaurs"). These are often repeated throughout the day and are also
broadcast in real audio on the web, so the persistent devotee might
still catch them.

Jane P. Davidson wrote:
> Well the story of the dino dropping has made the Art Bell radio talk show
> this evening.  I am not sure whether that is good or bad; if you like Art
> Bell or not, he is a promulgator of alien encounters, faces on Mars, stuff
> hidden under the Great Pyramid of Cheops, end-of-the-worldisms and the
> like.  Perhaps paleontologists are next?
> Jane D.
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> On your gravestone they put the date you are born and the date your die.
> In between they put a dash.  That dash is your life.  Art Bell

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