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Tyrannosaurus imperator

So, I know that the rigby T. "rex" has yet to be described, making it
inappropriate to discuss it yet.

But it seems people are discussing it anyway.

In the latest issue of Prehistoric Times, Mike Melbourne writes that
Rigby estimates the size of the animal's pubis to be 10-20% larger
than giganotosaurus's pubis.  The skull is reportedly two meters long.
 That's over six feet, last time I checked. 

It's so big, Melbourne reports, that some paleontologists have taken
to calling it Tyrannosaurus imperator.

So what's the deal, speaking preliminarily, of course?
A new species just because it's a big specimen?  Are there other
differences -- Melbourne mentions (somewhat cryptically) larger, more
robust forelimbs.

Anyone know when we can expect a description (when will the critter be
out of the matrix)?


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