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feel better

Dear old Goob,

        Boy, do I feel better today.  He pulled that wisdom tooth that was 
me so much grief and I had the best sleep last night I've had in a week.  I
feel 100% better now.  Only 2 more teeth to be pulled.
        Guess what Davy ate last week?  Drum roll please.....

3 crawfish!  Yes!  I ate 3 crawfish!  David Martinez brought them.  He
collected them locally.  How anyone could find crawfish in South Texas in
this drought is amazing.  And they were big ones!

Now I know what you're thinking.  Well, Dave, I guess you don't need me to
bring you any.  

Don't make me have to kill you!

In other news, Tyrannosaurus rex is still extinct.  Today there was a
newspaper article about a coprolite that was found in Canada, so large that
it was concluded to be of tyrannosaur origin.  The newspaper said it was
concluded that the tyrannosaur had chewed its prey before swallowing it
because the bones in the shit were fragmented.  Now there's some major
bullshit.  Or should I say tyrannosaur shit?  How the fuck could you
possibly conclude from fragmented or crushed bones that the prey was chewed
before swallowing?

I'm having a great time on the dinosaur mailing list, many of the people
are sharp, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful.  And they always answer my

If you see my Daniel Dennett book Consciousness Explained, bring that too.
But don't kill yourself looking for it.

How's the weather over there?  What does rain look like?  

Lata dudes,

Easy beefy