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tyrant turd

The paper in question, by the way, is:

Chin, K., T.T. Tokaryk, G.M. Erickson & L.C. Clark.  1998.  A king-sized
coprolite.  Nature 393: 680-682.

Typical "crappy" work by Karen Chin (in other words, quite excellent) and
colleagues.  (I'm sure she realized what she was stepping into when she
started as a coprolite specialist.)

accompanied by the News & Views article:
Andrews, P. & Y. Fernandez-Jalvo.  1998.  101 uses for fossilized faeces.
Nature 393: 629-630.

The issue just came out today, so it will be awhile before it reaches
various libraries.

In case you were wondering, and to steal (Smithsonian shark expert & vert
paleo librarian Bob Purdy's line), they determined it was from T. rex by
process of elimination. :-)

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