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Re: tyrant turd

In a message dated 98-06-18 13:41:32 EDT, you write:

 Typical "crappy" work by Karen Chin (in other words, quite excellent) and
 colleagues.  (I'm sure she realized what she was stepping into when she
 started as a coprolite specialist.) >>
     Yeah, but someday she'll make a pile! 
     >Poor Karen!< She takes this all with such good humor, what a cross to
bear. She's heard 'em all, I bet. 
      She helped us in South Dakota with something we thought might have been
a giant tylosaur boom-boom. Turned out to be a weird, french-fried lag deposit
with a lot of bone in it. I think that was the verdict. At any rate, Karen was
a pure delight and I'm very happy for her new "sensation". Dan Varner.