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a most savory idea for a project, ora (lly) administered

     One of the most interesting ideas in the Chin et al. Nature paper on 
     tyrannosaur crap is that the angularity of the bone fragments 
     indicates that the beast was chomping bone.  Quite plausible, but...
     Apparently Komodo dragon droppings contain bone fragments (see 
     Auffenberg's monograph); it'd be interesting to get hold of some, to 
     see if angularity of bone chips could be created by digestive 
     processes alone.  There are dragons in zoos around the world.  
     Cincinnati has some, and we have a young dragon here in Fort Wayne, 
     for example  One could give a dragon a nice tasty kitten or puppy or 
     lamb or whatever, let if chow down, and see what any bone fragments 
     that emerge from the other end look like.  Assuming that the dragon 
     hadn't done much bone chomping while feeding, you could see whether or 
     not the bone frags that remain look angular or not.  What fun.  I'd do 
     it myself, but the projects I'm currently working on are odd enough as 
     it is.