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International Dinosaur Month - IDM 98 Logo Contest Announced.

We are pleased to announce an international contest for a Logo for

It is open to any individual who would like to enter.

The winning entry or entries will be used to help publicize this
international not-for-profit, educational event. The name of the artist
will be mentioned prominentaly in all promotional materials for the

It is anticipated that the winning logo will be displayed in science
museums,, libraries  and schools all over the world.

PLEASE FORWARD this announcement and post it prominently in appropriate


1) The logo should be clear and suitable for reproduction in a variety
sizes and media. That is, it should be legible and attractive  when both
small and large.
2) It may be in color and in any media.
3) It should include a dinosaur as part of the design.
4) It should include the name: 
International Dinosaur Month
5) It may optionally include " IDM 98"
6) It may optionally include the date: October 1-31, 1998


1) The contest closes at midnight  July 31, 1998.
2) Submissions may be made in .jpg or .gif or .tiff format to:
dinosaur@dinosaur.org by e-mail.
3) Submissions may be made in any form suitable for reproduction to:
c/o DInosaur Interplanetary Gazette
Planetarium Station,
POB 502-Contest
New York, NY 10024-0502
4) Submissions MUST be accompanied by your:
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
e-mail address
5) Snail mail submissions should be packed carefully to avoid bending
marked appropriately.

1) All entries become property of Dinosaurs International, a not for
profit corporation in the public interest which is the parent
organization of International Dinosaur Month.
2) No entries can be returned, so PLEASE do not send the only copy of
your work.
3) WInners will be announced in July.
4) Decisions of the judges will be final.
5) An additional prize may be offered, but will be announced separately,
if at all.
6) Any modifications to the rules or terms of submission will be
announced publically.

Second Annual International Dinosaur Month - IDM98 - October 1-31, 1998
IDM98, c/o SCG, Planetarium Station, POB 502, NY, NY 10024-0502
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