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Re: erect posture and its implications

Larry Dunn wrote:
> ---Jack <jconrad@lib.drury.edu> wrote:
Wolves will follow caribou herds on
> > their migrations in Alaska, and I believe that they once followed
> herds of
> > bison on the plains.  This last may be incorrect and, at any rate,
> it's
> > basically the same thing as the former.
> Agreed, but are they then migrating to exploit various stationary food
> sources?
> Aren't they just migrating because their food source is migrating?
> That's not the kind of migration that the person I replied to (the
> enigmatic "Human") was referring to.

Climate (temperature) is also a migration factor, but, clearly, it's
hard to sort that part out when both hunter and hunted are migrating at
the same time.

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