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Re: a most savory idea for a project, ora (lly) administered

---Farlow@ipfw.edu wrote:
>      Apparently Komodo dragon droppings contain bone fragments (see 
>      Auffenberg's monograph); it'd be interesting to get hold of
some, to 
>      see if angularity of bone chips could be created by digestive 
>      processes alone.  


> One could give a dragon a nice tasty kitten or puppy or 
>      lamb or whatever, 

Or Indiana-based paleontologist

> What fun.  I'd do 
>      it myself,

That's a yes!

Couldn't the similarities have been caused by different proceses in
the two animals digestive tracts, and thus been coincidental?  Dr.
Thomas Holtz Jr. has already pointed out an interesting fact about
Tyrannosaur palates.

I mean, I'm reluctant to hear critiques of Karen Chin's work --
clearly, she's #1 in #2.

Tune in tonight for a new description of pterosaur booger!


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