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Re: [erect posture and its implications]

Archosaur J wrote (in "")

"Crocodylus palustris and Crocodylus niloticus
are both known for traveling huge distances over
land in search of better territory. I believe that 
C.palustris was recorded at 15 miles from one water
source to another.

Crocodylus porosus and Crocodylus acutus make oceanic
journeys in search of better feeding grounds.

And that's just crocodilians. Galapagos tortoises travel
many miles to communal nesting grounds and communal grazing 

Same for galapagos land iguanas too.

And then there are all those little herps that make huge
(comparitively) treks to their nesting grounds.

Just because most extant reptiles are small, doesn't mean 
that they don't migrate long distances."

I am talking about being obliged to travel  long land  distances over
relatively sustained periods (a round trip of hundreds of miles each year).
Crocodiles aren't in the same league, say as wildebeest, however remarkable
their exploits. I am imagining dinosaur migrations at least comparable with
the long mammal migrations.

I'm not including aquatic migration because the original thread was the
need for long legs/stride for walking.