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Dinosaur Tracks Book Wanted

I've received a very deserving request for a copy of my book on "Dinosaur
Tracks" (1990).  Unfortunately I don't have any copies to spare, and it's
now out of print (and, I gather, virtually unobtainable).  It's wanted by
Keith Kaler, who is working on some fine fossil tracks (mainly mammals and
birds) at Mt St Helens, in Washington, and already has some work in press.
Keith will pay top dollar, so anyone with a copy to sell should contact him at:


By the way, I was very disappointed with the publishers (Chapman & Hall),
who hinted that they would produce a cheap paperback version... but never
did.  Currently I'm working on a second edition (revised and updated), but
this is unlikely to appear before the next millenium.

Now I have to sign off for a couple of weeks.  I'm entering hospital for
some (more) repair work on my right arm - which has been a pain (in every
sense) for more than a year.  Free advice:  NEVER play backyard cricket with
the kids.

Back to the swamp...

Tony Thulborn