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   Just passing this on.

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>Dear Jeff;
>If the following has not been posted to your readers, you might list 
>Yale University Press is considering reprinting a dinosaur classic that 
>has long been out of print "Marsh's Dinosaurs -- The Collections from 
>Como Bluff" by John Ostrom and John S. McIntosh.  Originally published by 
>Yale in 1966 the 388 page book is based on the spectacular lithographs of 
>sauropods and Stegosaurus elements collected from Como Bluff, Wyoming.  
>The lithographs were created under O.C. Marsh's directions in the 1880's 
>at a cost, at that time, of over $45,000.  The lithographs sat 
>unpublished for some 100 years until Ostrom and McIntosh compiled, 
>annotated, and wrote a historical narrative of the Como Bluff Collection. 
>The lithographs are literally works of art and the book is used as a 
>standard work in identifying sauropod and stegosaur materials.
>If you are interested in seeing this book republished, please send an 
>email to Jean Black of Yale University Press and express your support.  
>Her address is Jean.Black@yale.edu
>Dan Chure
>Park Paleontologist
>Dinosaur National Monument
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