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Re: Tyrannosaurus imperialis?

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>I've heard over the net from several  friends that a new spcies of
>tyrannosaur was discovered, T. imperialis (sp?)....and its skull was 7 
>long! I don't know if this was exaggerated by the excavators, but it 
>pretty big compared to T. rex, which has a skull around 4 feet long. 
>tell me if this information is accurate or not...thanks.
>-Joe Moro
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Hello Out there in internet land,
Yeah, this is Jessica speaking (for once!).

T. imperiallus reminds me of something I heard a long long time ago. I 
have a video on R. rex that I taped for a report, and the video stated 
that T. rex's original name way Dynamosaurus Imperiallus (don't quote me 
on the spelling) and that it was changed to T. rex because D... 
Imperiallus was Toooo long. 
T. imperiallus just sounds like another word for T. rex....
I'd take that '7 foot long skull' thing with a grain of salt,J.M.


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last day of school,98


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