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Re: Deinonychus - one or two species?

<<Anyways, on to the title scoop.  It seems that the new Deinonychus 
skull material has pretty much put to rest the idea of 
Velociraptor-snouted dienicks.  Rather, Deinonychus had a vaulted, 
robust skull all along.  I went along with this development for a while.  
Then, when I was talking to Greg Paul at this year's DinoFest, I asked 
him if he was going to update his Deinonychus skeletal restoration.  He 
told me that the skull with the Velociraptor-type snout was probably 
real and that he was going to the Peabody Museum to prove or disprove 
this idea.>> 

Witmer illustrated the Deinonychus skull with a Velociraptor-like snout 
in his antorbital cavity monograph.  Plus, I thought that it was said 
that the new skull is really similiar to both Ostrom's original 
reconstruction and Paul's revised reconstruction (still has the 
Velociraptor snout but has a large sagittal crest).

Matt Troutman 

Matt Troutman

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