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Re: Dinosaurian Class

At 01:37 PM 6/21/98 -0400, William Hinchman wrote:
>Isn't Diapsida's primary defining feature "Two Holes", which include the
>Infra Temporal openings, and also the openings on top of the skull
>bordering the pineal opening?  Diapsids fall (cladistically) between
>Sauropsids (Reptilia) and the Archosauria.
>       Amniotes
>         Synapsids
>         Sauropsids
>           Diapsids
>             Archosaurs

Where do Pareiasaurs and other "stem reptiles" fit into this scheme?

Am I just cynical, or does it seem to others that the Synapsids are 
placed outside the "Reptilia" ("all other amniotes") clade in order to 
avoid refering to the "fabulous furballs" (mammals) as "reptiles"?  
As it is, I have trouble with calling birds (and all other archosaurs)
"reptiles"...I wish taxonomists would just cast the term "reptile" to 
the dust bin...

                             -- Dave

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