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Michigan fossils

Hello ;)
I live in michigan (in the northern lower peninsela-aka tip of the 
mitten)and was wondering what the general age of fossils was there? If 
anyone knows please tell me.
Also I found a fossil that looks like a fish's spinal collumn (really 
tiny though, like maybe from a minoe or something like that), but 
someone I know said that's impossible cause fossils up here are from the 
time before fish. I don't think that's true..
I mean, there's a TON of seashells here, and coral, so why not fish?
And I'm pretty sure this place was a coral reef.
Also anyone know of a book that has photographs of different corals and 
fossils in it so I can ID my 'finds'. 
I've already found:
Devonian coral 
Chain Coral
Various Bivalves
and I think
Diatomes????? (can't remember the name-tiny fossils that look like seed 
beads that were flattened)
all of the above are preserved in limestone w/various amounts of quartz 
in it. 
Thanks for the time and help.
Amature Paleontologist
Middle of Nowhere, Michigan.

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