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Re: Tsintaosaurus's crest

><< 2) What is the current conception of the "unicorn" crest of Tsintaosaurus?
>The explanation I have heard is that there is really no unicorn crest at all.
>Here goes: The skeleton was found with the nasal bone flipped up (in the
>position of the "crest").  The bone was plastered into place in that position
>and that's how we've seen it ever since.  In actuality, the nasal bone was
>fitted onto the skull typically, and the "crest" structure is nonexistent.

I've heard that explanation, but Buffetaut has published arguments to the
contrary - that at least two skulls show a rostral horn.  Not sure I buy
it, but here's the reference:

Buffetaut, E., and H. Tong-Buffetaut.  1993.  Tsintaosaurus spinorhinus
Young and Tanius sinensis Wiman:  a preliminary comparative study of two
hadrosaurs (Dinosauria) from the Upper Cretaceous of China.  C.R. Acad.
Sci. Paris, 317:1255-1261.


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