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        A description of a newly discovered sauropod of the Middle
Cretaceous of southeastern Arizona has been published in the Journal of
the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science. (Vol. 31(1) 1998).  According to
the author the specimen is a Brachiosaurid and is a new taxon within the
Brachiosauridae.  Sonorasaurus ("Snorasaurus zzzz") thompsoni is given an
age of Albian +/- 97Ma.  The specimen consists mainly of limb and pelvic
elements associated with caudal and dorsal vertebrae, ribs, and
gastroliths.  I'm sure most people on the list do not have access to this
Journal so this post is to let you in on this find.  I have no idea why it
is published in such an obscure journal for such a rare find, a Middle
Cretaceous Brachiosaurid!

Bill Parker
Northern Arizona University