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Peter Buchholz wrote:
> This thing is really neat :-)  Does anyone have any idea what time of the day
> this press conference is going to be tomorrow and how much media attention it
> may or may not get?

The National Geographic Society has scheduled a 10:30 EDT press conference
on Tuesday, June 23.  I believe it will be held in Washington D.C. (not sure
about that part).

A very *un*informative news blurb appears on their web site:


I sure hope that the press conference lives up to it's hype...
As much as I love the continued finds of feathered avialians, what
is really needed is a feathered example of a clearly non-Avialae theropod.
(Sinosauropteryx counts, of course, but I want to see less ambiguity in
the interpretation of the morphology of the integument...yeah...
I'm getting irritatingly hard to please).

Hopefully, Mark Norell will make a point of carefully noting if these beasts are
outside of Avialae.  If Norell drops the ball, rest assured that Tom will have
to answer that question tomorrow!  :-)

Impatiently yours,