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Re: Tyrannosaur imperialis

To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Re: Tyrannosaur imperialis

Mike Keesey wrote:

> This brings up another question I've been meaning to ask. _Deinodon_ was
> named half a century before _Tyrannosaurus_, and it was given its own
> family. Thus, technically shouldn't the taxa Tyrannosauroidea,
> Tyrannosauridae, etc. be called Deinodontoidea, Deinodontidae, etc.?
> _Deinodon_ may be dubious, but no one disputes that it belongs in the same
> family as _Tyrannosaurus_. There are other cases where families are named
> after invalid/dubious genera: Ceratopsidae, Caenagnathidae, etc.

And whatever happened to _Tarbosaurus bataar_? Does the holotype display
enough differences from the _Tyrannosaurus_ holotype to warrant a separate
genus? Or should _T. bataar_ actually refer to _Tyrannosaurus bataar_?

Raymond Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau
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