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Re: Tyrannosaur imperialis

In a message dated 98-06-23 10:04:09 EDT, raymond.ancog@livewire.com.ph

<< And whatever happened to _Tarbosaurus bataar_? Does the holotype display
 enough differences from the _Tyrannosaurus_ holotype to warrant a separate
 genus? Or should _T. bataar_ actually refer to _Tyrannosaurus bataar_?

Other people have their own opinions, but if you ask me, the species should
reside in its own genus as _Jenghizkhan bataar_ because it appeared in
Mongolia independently of and several million years earlier than
_Tyrannosaurus_ in North America. Any similarities between the species _J.
bataar_ and _T. rex_ are either plesiomorphies (because both genera are
tyrannosaurids) or homoplasies (coincidental convergences, sometimes due to
similar lifestyles as large bipedal predators).