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Re: Sonorasaurus

At 09:01 PM 6/23/98 -0700, William Gibson Parker wrote:

>> "Middle" (really late Early) K brachiosaurids are hardly a new discovery:
>> Astrodon (aka Pleurocoelus), from the late Early K of Maryland, was known
>> long before Brachiosaurus!  Furthermore, some of the Aptian-Albian sauropod
>> material from northern Africa has been ascribed to brachiosaurids.

>What I meant was that Sonorasaurus is from the Albian in North America.
>This is the first sauropod of this age found in N. America, correct?

No.  Astrodon/Pleurocoelus is from the upper Aptian/lower Albian (the
Hauterivian-Varremian age was disproved based on pollen and other analyses);
the Paluxy trackways are the same age; and in 1970 Ostrom described sauropod
material from the Cloverly, also the same age.

>Anyways it is a significant find and
>judging from the response I've been getting from the post many people seem
>to wish the description was more accessible rather than in a journal which
>usually never deals much with dinosaurs.

That is indeed true, but occurs a lot in paleo in general.  After all,
regional societies and museums do justifiably want to have important papers
presented in their own journals, too.

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