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Re: A tribute (was Press Conference)

In a message dated 98-06-24 11:27:35 EDT, luisrey@ndirect.co.uk writes:

<< The latest Chinese discoveries are a tribute to human imagination and
 common sense.
 And if we have to add someone to that list it would be fair to include
 George Olshevsky... after all we are talking about secondarily flightless
 dinobirds thanks to him. >>

In this context, I think it's worthwhile noting that Greg Paul, Mark Hallett,
and I conspired to put feathers on all the small dinosaurs in Greg
(_Oviraptor_) and Mark's (_Kakuru_, _Fulgurotherium_) paintings for my article
on new dinosaur discoveries for the August 1981 issue of _Science Digest_.
That's >seventeen years ago<. (We figured dinosaur feathers would show up in
the fossil record eventually--just a matter of time.) But the earliest
depiction of a feathered theropod that I can recall is the _Coelophysis_ in
Bakker's 1975 "Dinosaur Renaissance" article for _Scientific American_.
Anybody know of an earlier-published feathered-dinosaur picture?