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Re: A tribute (was Press Conference)

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:


> But the earliest
> depiction of a feathered theropod that I can recall is the _Coelophysis_ in
> Bakker's 1975 "Dinosaur Renaissance" article for _Scientific American_.
> Anybody know of an earlier-published feathered-dinosaur picture?

Check out Heilmann's 1914 or thereabouts illustration of _Compsognathus 
longipes_, also reproduced in _The Origin of Birds_ (p.167). It looks very much 
feathered from where I'm sitting. Moreover, Heilmann produced an interesting 
illustration of two fighting Pro-aves (1916; this was when he was still 
inclined to 
accept a cursorial and dinosaurian origin of birds) which look more like small 
theropods than anything else. If anyone's interested, I can mail the picture 
(although it's not of great quality).

Ilja Nieuwland
Groningen, NL

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