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SJ Mercury News: Caudipteryx

all text-but with notable quotes

In an interview, Feduccia cited several anatomical disparities between
dinosaurs and birds and the difficulty of explaining how animals could
have developed flight from the ground up, rather than from trees
down, as reasons for doubt about a direct ancestral relationship
between dinosaurs and birds. He suggested that the long feathers on
these species could indicate that these animals had once been able to
fly, but had evolved into flightless birds.

`Everywhere we're being asked to put a square peg in a round hole,''
Feduccia said.

But Norell said the ``anatomical similarities between dinosaurs and
birds are overwhelming.''

Dr. Hans-Dieter Sues, a paleontologists with the Royal Ontario
Museum, in Toronto, said the critics had no physical evidence to
support their arguments.

`Only dinosaurs,'' Sues said, ``are anatomically suited to be the
precursors of birds.''

-Betty Cunningham