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The annoyance of mislabeling


I just wanted to vent a little frustration on the list...

At DinoFest, I purchased a book called Fossil Animals of China (in addition to
Dinosaurs from China and a set of four postcards featuring Yixian dinosaurs).
In this book, a skeleton was labeled Protarchaeopteryx robusta.  Also, one of
the postcards was labeled Protarchaeopteryx robusta.  So, all this time I
thought I had two photographic references to this critter.  Then, I realized
that the "Protarchie" in the book was really a photo of a Sinosauropteryx
adult and the "Protarchie" on the postcard was really Caudipteryx (I was so
eager to see a picture of this guy, and I had one all along!).  Why in the
world would specimens of Sinosauropteryx and Caudipteryx be labeled
Protarchaeopteryx?  Editorial errors, or did the people in China really think
these specimens were of Protarchie?  

Rachel "so-happy-she's-got-a-copy-of-that-National-Geographic" Clark