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Re: Selected quotes from Qiang et al.'s Caudipteryx and Protoarchaeopteryx paper

>Here's another killer-point for Larry Martin to ponder:
>The teeth of Protoarchaeopteryx have serrations.
>All early bird teeth lack serrations.  Serrated
>teeth are found in meat-eating theropods except compies and
>coelophysids.  In the past, Martin has been voiciferous
>regarding the similarity of early bird teeth with the teeth of
>crocodiloforms. Protoarchaeopteryx is a fly in Martin's
>ointment. Larry might need to take a sleeping pill tonight!

I believe it is only the premaxillary teeth of Coelophysis
which are unserrated.  Not sure about Compsognathus.

Larry probably needs more than a sleeping pill.  Perhaps
a refresher course in comparative anatomy?