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The Lake Psittacosaurs

> Greg Paul notes that Ji has said that there are psittacosaurs found in the
> lake with scaly skin (darn!).  Does anyone know where these are to be
> published, if at all, and does anyone have any idea which of the 7 or 8 valid
> psittacosaur species these might be?  I know that Psittacosaurus mongoliensis
> and P meileyingensis are found in Liaonang Provence.  Are they one of these?
> If they are P mongoliensis, then the age of the Yixian Formation is almost
> certainly Early Cretaceous, rather than Late Jurassic as it is unlikely that
> either species lasted more than 20 or 25 million years.

I have seen, photographed, video taped and drawn 3 specimens from THE
LAKE. One had a really good skull with premaxillary fangs, but now feet
and tail was missing. The others weren't that well preserved. Some did
have skin impressions. The first specimen I noted that and asked the
'owner' of it and he said now, but the last one he said that it that one
had skin impressions, the same as the first. 

Ok, the big question, when will these be published? Never, at least
these specimens. They were sold by a dealer who reasured me that he got
them legally, from a Museum in China (which shall remain nameless). I'm
glad I got to see them. I asked the dealer if the owners would mind if
they were desribed, and he said that that would not be possible, because
of the 'owners' not wanting anyone to know they had them. Then why have