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Re: Ornithopter

People may have failed to produce operational manned ornithopter
_vehicles_, but man-made lightweight operational ornithopters have flown
successfully.  For examples, see Peter Wellnhofer's _The Illustrated
Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs_, pp. 174-175.

Page 174 shows a flying _Rhamphorynchus_ model, constructed in 1956 by
Professor Erich von Holst, which was made of balsa wood, rice paper, and
wire, and powered by a rubber band.  The following page reports on the 1/2
scale flying _Quetzalcoatlus_ model produced by Dr. Paul MacCready and his
team from Aerovironment, Inc., which utilized radio control, an autopilot
system, sensors, and two battery-powered motors to flap the wings. 
Flapping bird toys are further examples.  Some go by the name "Tim."

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com

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