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Re: Ornithopter

Hi again, 
My whole point in all of this is why are we trying to use 
a word that means, in all the dictionaries I've tried and 
way too many searches on the net, mechanical flapping 
winged flight. I know there has been ornithopters designed 
since the days of Da Vinci in the 1500's and some have 
actually flown, but it's a word that meant, man made, up 
to now. It isn't the same as the word volant, which is the 
word for flight in every Ornithology class I have taken in 
the past couple decades. If mechanical is the impression 
we all want, who am I to say. Sorry for the controversy. I 
was better off just reading, and writing my thesis. 
(plesiosaurs, in case you ask) Thanks,Barry

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