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Re: secondary flightlessness (wordy)

david.lessin@walgreens.com wrote:

 display might have been a driving factor in the evolution
> of
> >powered flight (a mechanism I have not seen anyone suggest for the 
> >hypothesis).  Of course none of this can be proved.......
> An interesting hypothesis...possible a LEK system of some sort. However, using
> the correct analysis you could at least determine if it were possible.
> David

>True.  I'd really like to see someone do this, because the concept makes
>a lot of sense.  It would even be prone to trigger the early creation of
>circulation near the beginning of the downstoke.

Also very interesting. Could this be another example of sexual selection 
providing the "greater", or ultimate selection pressure in an phylogentic 
progression. All to often, it is assumed that environmental factors are the 
primary selectional pressure(s) in evolution. Sexual selection is often 
overlooked. Check out the book, Speciation and the Recognition Concept...don't 
have the editors' names here with me at work, but it is an excellent collection 
of assorted papers on speciation and recognizing distinct taxa.