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Other surprises about feathered dinos (jokes)

Those who are not on AOL will not be able to access this site, which
is Buzzsaw - The Lying Game -- by Bill Shein.  He posts a question each
day, to which readers supply funny answers.  Wednesday's question was:

"New fossils of feathered dinosaurs provide evidence that birds 
descended from dinosaurs. What other surprising things were 
discovered in the new fossils?"

Some of the answers which I thought were amusing are:
"The phone number to the psychic hotline with the word 'comet?' 
scratched underneath it. (HSTompkins)"

"Remains of a 'Kentucky Fried Dinosaur' box. 
(Chiefwolff, Suprchica1)"

"Dinosaur locker room rituals included making fun of the size 
of each other's tails. (JLawson227)"

"An empty package 'One large bird costume, size extra-large' 
next to the fossils. (EINSTEIN47)"

"That these fossils, even after being dead for millions of years, 
can beat the U.S. soccer team. (AstralSong)"

"Despite its tiny, feminine hands, T-Rex was quite butch. 

"The fact that Michael Crichton didn't know what the hell he was 
talking about. (Trevor78)"

"It might have been 2,000,000 BC but they partied like it was 
1999. (Gfrkon)"

"Ancient tablet with a push button on it that reads, 'Your species 
has been alive for ten million years. Would you like to continue 
living?' (JMPS96)"

"Bite-shaped pieces of lawyer buttock? (JeanBK)"

"Empty spray cans of 'Asteroid-Be-Gone.' (GL Ashley)"

"Fossil remains of computer disk shows dinosaur extinction the 
result of Y100,000K(BC) bug. (Scottheaxe)"