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Re: Ordering July '98 National Geographic

>  It is true that _National Geographic_ magazine is basically available only
>  by subscription (or "membership," as they like to say), as evidenced by
> the
>  absence of a printed price on the cover.  Exceptional bookstores have been
>  known to sell it, but this is exceedingly rare.  But wait!  (And I do mean
> wait)!  You can order a single issue (or multiple single issues) from the
>  National Geographic Society.

This is a bit odd; NG magazine has been available in bookstores here (i.e. the 
Netherlands, but I can vouch for Germany as well) for years! Usually quite a 
of them, actually. I think European dwellers have little to worry about. 
it does take a bit longer for them to arrive, on average. Can you wait?

Ilja Nieuwland

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