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Re: Sonorasaurus

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, Jim Kirkland wrote:

> T. Mike Keesey wrote:
> > Another question -- I while back someone notified me of a pygmy
> > brachiosaur from Arizona -- is this _Sonorasaurus_? Also, was this genus
> > attributed to Hadrosauridae before it was described? (Because that 's
>  where I had it...)
>  It was originally described informally as a hadrosaurid in one of the
> Fossils of Arizona volumes. (I bet Tracy Ford has the reference). When I
> saw it I told them they had a sauropod and suggested they bring it uo to
> Dinofest in Tempe and show it to Jack McIntosh, which they did. Jack
> identified it as a slender limbed brachiosaurid.

But not pygmy, huh?
"Slender-limbed" -- reminds me of the "gracile sauropods" from Dougal
Dixon's _The New Dinosaurs_...
> By the way our Gastonia, Eolambia, Nedcolbertia, and Zuniceratops and
                           ^^^^^^^^ is the same as "Eohadrosaurus"?

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