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Peter Buchholz wrote:
>Why are the only non-avian coelurosaurs used in the analysis the
        Indeed, as George Olshevsky has so often made clear (concerning
therizinosaurs), narrow analyses can be truly unhelpful. I understand the
time and effort that goes into a well-done analysis (look at how long Dr.
Holtz has been cranking away on his uberphylogenie of the theropods).
However, in this case, where one of the terminal taxa was found to exist in
a basal trichotomy with the outgroup and all other taxa (!!!!), it would
seem prudent to widen the scope of the analysis. Who knows, maybe one or
both of these little buggers isn't even eumaniraptoran...

>In a perfect world, Carnosauria would be the outgroup and the analysis would
>include all non-avian ceolurosaurs, not just velociraptorines.
        Here here!
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