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<< - Plesiosaurs have 4 wing-shaped paddles, and the hind pair are good 
 wings like the front pair. Sea turtles, which fly like plesiosaurs, 
 never evolved their hind flippers into wings and instead exhibit 
 shorter, stumpier limbs that still have claws >>
The humerus of sea-turtles is quite different from that of the plesiosaurs
also. The angle between the humerus and femur is much greater in the turtles.
The turtle front-limb can actually reach forward and dig into either sand or
water. The humerus and femur are more nearly parallel in the plesiosaurs. An
elasmosaur on a beach would have to almost roto-till itself through the sand.
        It does boggle the mind, however, that enormous turtles like Archelon
could haul themselves on a beach to nest. I was once at a site in South Dakota
where commercial collectors had removed one of these beasts. The hole in the
ground was so huge I didn't realize I was in it. By the way, they paid the
retired rancher the princely sum of $50.00 (American) for this prize.
         Embryos have now been found associated with mosasaurs so keep them
off the beaches in your restorations. Dan Varner.