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Currie, Shipman, and Martin duke it out/National Public Radio

You read right.

For those who are lucky to have National Public Radio in their
area, and for those who are even luckier to get the
"Science Friday" talk show, be sure to tune in for a one-hour
radio/call-in discussion featuring Currie, Pat Shipman, and Larry
Martin on the new avian and non-avian feathered dinosaur fossils.

The show airs live in the U.S. Pacific time zone at
11:00 PDT (so make the appropriate time zone changes for where you
live).  The show is a two-hour long science show,
but the dinosaur discussion/fight/chair-throwing is scheduled
to take place in the 11:00-12:00 PDT time slot.
So call in sick, put on a pot of coffee, and slap in a
blank cassette tape into your tape player.

 You can check out the previews on the Science-Friday web page:


Sorry that this is on such short notice.  I just found out about it myself.