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Re: Sonorasaurus

Dear Dr. Kirkland,

I am very interested in the NMMNH bulletin #14, but since I live in 
Belgium, Europe (known for that other miserable soccer team), I will 
not be able to join symposia and SVP meetings in the USA.
Could you tell me how I could order this interesting volume by mail 
and pay the prepublication price by VISA?

Yours Sincerely,

Pieter Depuydt MD
Department of Respiratory Diseases
University Hospital
De Pintelaan 185
9000 Ghent

By the way our Gastonia, Eolambia, Nedcolbertia, and Zuniceratops and
Bakker's Eobrontosaurus will all be named and described in New Mexico
Museum of Natural History Bulletin #14. Bakker also describes a Jurassic
mammal in it. It is at the printer and copies will be availible for
viewing and ordering at SVP and for purchase at our Early Cret.
Symposium at the beginning of Oct. The volume includes 36 papers
covering the terrestrial faunas of the Early to "mid." Cretaceous all
over the world. At $40.00 (prepublication price) it is a real bargin.

Jim Kirkland