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Will I ever get off this subject? :-)  Did Ji happen to mention where on the
Psittacosaur specimens the scales were found?  Also, is there any reason the
national geographic photos of Sinosauropteryx seem to show that the limestone
is grey instead of yellow, like every other photo I have ever seen of them?
Is this just weird lighting techniques or are these things changing color?


Again, I am wondering if anyone would like to ingage in a ref trade for the
two monographs on Iguanodon by Norman.  I don't have access to these journals
at UW.  I have a lot of weird, hard to find stuff I could send in return,
Marsh stuff, Chinese ornithopod stuff, Riggs on sauropods (opisthocoelians) to
trade back.

The new Bactrosaurus paper just announced on the list a couple of days ago.
Can anyone send this my way in return for one of the above?

Siamotyrannus: can anyone give me the cite where this was published?

Russel's new spinosaurs: same with this.  Published in a French Journal if I
recall correctly.

Peter Buchholz