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Re: Dermal spine

In a message dated 98-06-26 03:04:37 EDT, Jonkeria@aol.com writes:

<< Just a quick question about an ornithishian amidst all this feathered
 theropodmania-I have just read Lucas' 1901 description of "Stegosaurus"
 (?Polacanthus) marshi, and in it he makes the following statement:
 "A dermal spine, found by Mr. J. B. Hatcher, in conjunction with the remains
 of Triceratops, and regarded at the time as belonging to that genus, may very
 likely have come from the species under consideration" [S. marshi]
 Now, I doubt that this Upper Cretaceous find is S. marshi, but what is it? Is
 it a badly weathered Triceratops horn, or true ankylosaurian dermal armor,
 possibly from Edmontonia? >>

This has turned out to be a spine from the back of the skull of the
pachycephalosaur _Stygimoloch_. I think Galton (et al?) noted it back in the
original _Stygimoloch_ paper.