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"Dinosaurs International" - A clarification

Having received some off list questions about the new paleontological
not-for-profit "Dinosaurs International," I thought it would be easier
to reply publically than several times privately.

Dinosaurs International's sole purposes are to put on the yearly event
International Dinosaur Month, and to dispose of any residual income that
may result from the fund-raising for that event.

Dinosaurs International is neither associated with The Dinosaur Society
(except in spirit since we are very supportive of TDS's aims, etc.) nor
is it intended to replace the Society.  Regrettably, we know nothing
about the future plans of the Society except that it has "moved" to
Philadelphia.  Certainly, we'd be pleased to hear from them if they want
to combine efforts, but this is an event that has yet to happen.

Because putting on any sort of promotional event (the purpose of
International Dinosaur MOnth (IDM 98) being to encourage people to visit
science museums all over the world, involves expenditures, DI will be
raising money from corporate and private sponsors.  If there is any
residual income, an educational fund will be set up to encourage
paleontological activity especially when it promotes science discussions
in school and the media.

Hope that answers the questions, and please feel free to write to:


if you have further questions, want to help, or want to contribute.

Don't forget the Art contest for the Logo, either!


Edward Summer
Dinosaurs International

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