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Re: Wilson & Sereno's Sauropod Phylogeny

In a message dated 98-06-26 16:33:32 EDT, you write:

<< Received my copy of Wilson & Sereno's sauropod phylogeny monograph
 yesterday: well worth the wait.  Great stuff, and a lot of interesting
 information in there, as well as excellent illustrations (some new, some
 from old Marsh lithographs). >>
     Indeed, there are some excellent illustrations, new and old. I am
puzzled, however, at the reconstruction of Camarasaurus that appears on the
cover and Foldout #1. This seems to be a radical departure from Greg Paul's
treatment reproduced in Farlow and Brett-Surmann's _The Complete Dinosaur_.
The attachment of the skull to the cervicals seems to be at a very low angle
and I question the lack of anything below the right astragulus besides black
ink.. Is the ungual of digit #1 of the manus really directed anteriorally? Why
are the limbs flexed? Have I missed something? And where's Seismosaurus? Help.
Dan Varner.