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re:Wilson and Sereno

Tom Hultz is right,
This IS an excellent piece of work utilizing a huge character set across a 
broad range of taxa.  The authors did a marvelous job.  Like Tom, however, 
I was disappointed at the ommission of Mamenchisaurus. It leaves me to 
wonder if the inclusion of this taxa would have drawn Shunosaurus and 
Omeisaurus more towards the Titanosauriformes or Euhelopus.  

There is one description that left me confused: 
Haplocanthosaurus autopomorphies--  Dorsal vertebrae with neural arches 
lacking anterior central diapophyseal lamina--
I am fairly conversant in the wide range of sauropod lamina designations, 
however, am unfamiliar with this one.  Usually the diapophysis has 
anterior, as well as a posterior lamina, or a central infradiapophysial 
laminae.  But clarification of the position of the anterior central 
diapophyseal by anyone would be much appreciated.  I happen to be working 
on some Haplocanthosaur material at the moment, so have a particular 

   Virginia Tidwell