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The end of the Earth (magazine)

The latest (and last) issue of Earth magazine has a couple of interesting
articles by dino list members.  Jeff Hecht writes of the "Asian Invasion" 
of dinosaurs into North America on pp. 24-25.  Tom Holtz, in "Dinosaurs
of a Feather" on p. 71, gives a (mostly) favorable review of "The Mistaken 
Extinction" (Dingus and Rowe).

The "Coming in the Next Issue of Earth" on p. 69 lists a special 
issue of "The New Dinosaur Hunters, " but sadly their web page says:

> EARTH Magazine's web site is no longer in service.
> Earth is no longer being published; the August 1998 issue was
> the last one. 

> We hope that our online efforts over the past 2 years have been 
> helpful to the earth science community. Thank you for your interest 
> and support. If you were a subscriber, a letter has been sent to you 
> concerning the fulfillment of the remaining issues of your subscription. 

> This web site will be closing completely on July 22, 1998.