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Re: Natural enemies

Caleb wrote:

<<Were there any two (or more) species of dinosaurs that were natural
enemies? If so, what are they?>>

and Truett Garner replied:

<Without any doubt, Velociraptor mongoliensis and Protoceratops
andrewsi were natural enemies, as proved by the "fighting dinosaurs"
fossil foun in Mongolia.>

  I disagree. More associations between two taxa have been found in
*Oviraptor* and *Protoceratops* than with any dromaeosaur and the
fantastic griffin-sheep of the Gobi; Keilan-Joworowska's find of a
fighting pair of two animals only agrees that one may have killed the
other, and then died by burial (for it cannot be proven that Veloci
was killed by Proto). The proto was probably a threat to _everyone_ in
the Gobi, being a possible egg-eating, nine-foot, fast-running,
demon-with-a-beak herbivore!

  And then there is the Two Medicine Formation in Montana, USA, where
*Troodon* was probably the major threat to *Maiasaura* hatchlings, and
*Albertosaurus* the only extant predator _capable_ of bringing down
the hadrosaur.

  Okay. Rant's over. Calm down. Let Uuvuu calm you down...it's time
for some rest on Zeoblonka (or whatever) and we'll add some nice new
sleep to your program...

  Jaime A. Headden (or is it...?)
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