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Qilong Update #1

To the list,

  I report that I have updated my site, by adding a credits page
(which will be expanded into a bibliography as well as soon as I
compound my sources into one place; plus, tell me if I've missed
anybody whose ideas I've stolen) and the pics page has a few additions
and has been split into sections, for ease and structure, and you will
probably note that some of the link-bars are inactive.

  Not to long from now, the Ornithschians section will be up, with my
head studies of some hypsilophodontians and similar animals, and
probably some other stuff.

  My Cryolophosaurus skull is on the Carnosaurs pics bar, and the
caption tells you how I got it. Neovenator, Afrovenator, and
Giganotosaurus will follow soon.


  My Oviraptors section has received no few updates since it went up,
and I will soon add a counter to keep track of who's gotten there, and
a list of update dates. On the first Oviraptors page, the real long
one, I would like the list's comments on whether I should cut it up to
save loading time or not.

  The Taxa page for the Oviraptors has a few pictorial additions, such
as head studies of all the oviraptorosaurs except Microvenator (due in
part to his lack of a head) and a drawing of the relative sizes of the
major taxa and a man and Archie shown for scale, along with bars of
meter and foot lengths, which are conspicuously missing from the rest
of the oviraptors' pages.


  Tell me what you think!

Jaime A. Headden

Qilong, the website, at:
All comments and criticisms are welcome!

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