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Re: Natural Enemies

Truett Garner wrote:

>  I agree that there is a high probability that the dinosaurs you mention
>  were ' natural enemies/ predator/prey ' . On the other
>  hand , it's possible that they were not. The fossil record has not been
>  generous enough to give us firm examples of direct confrontation
>  between many specie . There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that we
>  artists lean on heavily , otherwise we'd have a lot of dull and boring
>  illustrations .How about Quetzalcoatlus/any dinosaur hatchling ?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Lufengosaurus and Dilophosaurus were
found together (according to the book _Fossil Animals of China_) sort of like
Velociraptor and Protoceratops.  Also, wasn't Afrovenator found associated
with the "camarasaur" and Utahraptor with Pleurocoelus?  Of course,
Tyrannosaurus/Edmontosaurus is supported by the Edmontosaurus tail that was
bitten by a Tyrannosaurus and healed.  

Allosaurus/Stegosaurus is supported by an Allosaurus pubis that has a hole
(and signs of an infection) large enough for a thagomizer spike to fit in.  

There are tons of potential "natural enemies" in the dinosaur world.  Only a
few of them are supported in the fossil record, though.  

Rachel Clark