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Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000

In a message dated 98-06-29 22:07:26 EDT, you write:

<<  There are probs with this idea, of course. 
 Fill in the blanks. >>
Dear Dr.Dunn, I'm probably the only one on this list who hasn't submitted a
review of the last J.P. film. I was in a local video store here in New Jersey
on a horrid night full of rain and wind late last winter just after _The Lost
World JP_ was released in video. The store was packed and absolutely NO one
was renting ANY of the 200 copies of _The Lost World, Jurassic Style_on the
shelves. Apparently, nobody wanted to pay to see a rubber compsognathid chew
on a guy's nostril. One more like that one and the Dinosaur Renaissance is
over and now it's time for Dinosaur Rococo. And besides, shouldn't you be
telling us that _King Kong_, _The Lost World_(1925), and _The Black Scorpion_
with some of the censored creatures from Kong are all on cable TV this week?
Dan Varner.