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From: Jonathan R. Wagner <znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU>

this is out of context, but I would like to comment on the assumption that
increased attachment area and air-sacs are needed for sustained flight. read

>>so they do not need large sterna. Increased attachment area for
>>flight muscles, and increased ventilation of air-sacs needed to sustain
>>flight, are the best explanations for the large sterna of these theropods.

    Flight is not restricted to birds alone.  Bats and pterosaurs managed
flight quite well without the increased attachment area for flight muscles,
and air-sacs needed for sustained flight.
    In light of this, I would suggest that air-sacs developed for another
reason -- high altitude perhaps.  I don't think either are needed for
sustained flight, or someone needs to tell the bats to quit migrating.

Richard Swigart